Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sunday Morning, Comtemplating Life

As each year passes, I hear more and more of my friends passing away, and even more with serious illnesses. It’s an ever-increasing reminder of the fragility of our lives, and the impending “end” that we all must face. Sometimes I find myself thinking about my age and where that is on the average life-expectancy scale. Does anyone else do that? I think it’s me taking stock in how much time has passed and how much I hope is still remaining. It’s also a swift kick in the ass to break-out of the monotony of daily rituals and try new things, plan trips, and do something wild and crazy.

This age brings wisdom, but also a restlessness to move toward goals. There’s so much I want to do, but money and time are barriers to many of those things, and the daily schedule is overtaken with working to make the money just to maintain the “things” in life. If only we could win the lottery, right?

So as I sit here on this Sunday morning, contemplating life, I wish all of you – my friends & family, writing buddies, and all-around good people, a life well-lived. I remind myself to enjoy each day, each moment, to never miss an opportunity to tell my family I love them; to not dwell on running late in the morning, or the dinner that didn’t turn out perfect, demanding co-workers, or the child’s homework assignment that didn’t get turned-in. It’s important to be aware of these things, but not to prioritize them. I hope today is a day to step back and just enjoy the day, enjoy each other, enjoy some quiet time to appreciate all the good.

Happy Sunday!