Thursday, May 10, 2012

Book Mail - Stunning by Sara Shepard

Another "Book Mail" day -- this time, the padded envelope is from Harper Collins Publishers and it contains an Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) of Stunning by Sara Shepard. The book is set to release to the public on June 5, 2012.

Follow the link for a blurb about the book from Harper Collins' website: Stunning blurb
And here's a bio on Sara Shepard: bio. I didn't know she was an NYU grad - that's one thing we have in common. Now if I can just become a NY Times Bestselling Author like her, and we'd have two (dreaming).

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Humpday Hodgepodge 5-9-12

Humpday Hodgepodge seemed an appropriate title for this post, since what I have to share is all-over-the-place today.

Brian Jud is hosting a FREE (love that word) webinar on Thursday by Daniel Hall titled, "Writing eMails That Get Retail Outlets (Including Book Stores) to Buy Your Books". If you're interested in signing up, here's the link:
Thursday May 10 at:
7:00pm Eastern (New York Time)
6:00pm Central (Chicago Time)
5:00pm Mountain (Denver Time)
4:00pm Pacific (Los Angeles Time)

The nomination of Do You? to the Global EBook Awards has been an amazing springboard in getting interest reinvigorated for my book. I sent out an initial blast of press releases yesterday, and I'm slated to send a second blast today. My fingers are crossed that there will be some local interest in running a story about the nomination. Even if that's as far as I get in the competition, it will have been worth it for the amazing feedback and renewed interest. It's a definite win-win!

Photo by: Michelle Reynoso

Did you know that May is National Photo Month? I thought I'd share some of my favorite photos from my collection over the next few weeks, starting with this one.

There's just something soothing about a roaring fire on a family camping trip, and this photo reminds me of one of the best camping trips ever. Do you have a favorite photo?

And finally, thanks to Lara Britt (aka Lori) for the writeup on her blog Writing Space: MNINB Annotated Blogroll: Kids Play. Lara writes from sunny Honolulu. Writing Space is Lara's newest adventure in blogging - It chronicles her adventures in moving in comfort level from story-teller to writer to author while retaining what she likes most about each of those designations. Lara is a fellow participant from Robert Lee Brewer's April Platform Challenge. Thanks Lara!

Monday, May 07, 2012


I am super excited to announce that my book Do You? has been nominated for a Global EBook Award (woo-hoo!).

Thank you to everyone who has supported me on this project - fingers crossed! You can visit my nomination page here: Do You?

And here's a copy of the Press Release that is going out today:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE…                                                 Contact: Michelle Reynoso


HACKENSACK, New Jersey – May 7, 2012 – Do you laugh, cry, love, and hurt…Do You?
Local author Michelle Reynoso challenges readers to relate to everyday emotions through poetic and photographic eyes in her book Do You? This collection of original poems and photographs has garnered previous praise as a finalist in both the Writer’s Digest Self-Published Books Awards and the New Book Festival, and is now nominated for a Global EBook Award.

Michelle Reynoso, writer of young adult novels, poetry, and books for young readers, is also an avid photographer and nature lover. She has been crafting stories since she was six years old. Between then and now, her work has been published in several magazines & literary journals. Michelle is a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI). She is currently at work on a young adult sci-fi novel. She lives in New Jersey with her husband and son.

The Global Ebook Awards honor and bring attention to the future of book publishing - Ebooks. Now in its second year, the Awards are in 72 specific categories. They are open to all publishers large and small, so that a winner is the best in its category, not just the best of small or regionally-published ebooks. Most ebooks are also available as printed books as well. The awards ceremony will be in gorgeous Santa Barbara on August 18, 2012. See

The ebook version of Do You? is available from and is currently listed at a promotional price of $.99. For more information about Michelle Reynoso, or Do You?, visit Michelle’s website at

Thursday, May 03, 2012

"My Writing Life" nominated for Liebster Blog Award

Did you hear? I just got nominated for a Liebster Blog Award. Thanks to Sarah Negovetich from Sara Nego Writes for nominating me.

This is one more positive nugget that has come from participating in Robert Lee Brewer's April Platform Challenge - successful platform building, strong friendships, and now this. I am truly honored.
As part of this award, there's a bit of "paying-it-forward". No, are the Liebster rules:

1. Thank the one who nominated you by linking back.

2. Nominate five blogs with less than 200 followers.

3. Let the nominees know by leaving a comment at their sites.

4. Add the award image to your site.

So without further adieu, here are my Liebster nominees:
April M. Galloway's Reading to Write
Muddy Kinzer's Muddying The Waters
Teresa Edmond's Right to the (Pen's) Point
Bonnie Vesely's: Right Livelihood, Just Ventures
Gerry Wilson's The Writing Life

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Book Review - My Blood Approves

Book Review - My Blood Approves 
by Amanda Hocking

Of course I was curious - Amanda Hocking started as a self-e-published writer and has projected herself into a best-selling author, picked up by St. Martins with a $2 million dollar advance - you bet I was curious. And now I've read this first book, and I ask myself why she wasn't picked-up by traditional publishing sooner.

My Blood Approves is a book about teenagers, vampires, and an everyday place where these two things collide. The story is easy to read, with a similar style to Twilight, except there's less drama here and stronger characters. In My Blood Approves it's the characters that move the story along, lead by the main character Alice as she learns that her new "friend" Jack turns out to be a vampire. These vampires are not as glamorous as the Twilight vampires, more of an everyday-type of vampire, but the characters are real. The dialogue is real. When you're reading the story, you feel like these could be your friends in real-life, and that's the real appeal of the story.

There's no apocalyptic, end-of-the-world drama here, the action is more subtle.

I truly enjoyed reading this story, and will continue to read more Amanda Hocking books. I highly recommend it for YA readers who enjoy paranormal & vampire stories. 

What I learned as a writer from My Blood Approves:
When the characters are well-developed, it doesn't matter if there's a big climax in the story or not. If readers care about the characters, then they'll follow the story to the end, and ultimately care about about what happens no matter how big or how small, just as you would a good friend.