Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Writing Health-Our Hands

I found this drafted blog post (below) lurking in my folder. Not sure when I wrote it, but it was some time ago. The concept of the post is just as relevant now, as it was then.

     If we are truly writing as much as we'd all hope to, then we need to pay attention to the health of our all-important-tools - - our hands. We need to manage our workspace, to ensure our hands are not prone to injury, and to keep ourselves writing for a long time. I unfortunately have not been paying attention to this fact and have found my right hand, in particular, hurting. Is it carpal tunnel syndrome -- don't know. But I've put my computer whiz husband to the task and he is working on getting me setup with a docking station that will move my laptop off the corner of my desk allowing me to slip-in a full sized ergonomic keyboard.

     I want to ensure my hands will be healthy enough to write many novels into the future.

I am happy to report that I no longer have the pain in my hand, so the adjustments worked. Still, I wanted to share. Keep those hands healthy!

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Book Review - 1225 Christmas Tree Lane

1225 Christmas Tree Lane (Cedar Cove) By: Debbie Macomber

1225 Christmas Tree LaneI was curious – that’s the reason I picked up this book. I had never read a Debbie Macomber book, and yet I am on her mailing list – funny, right. Debbie Macomber has a huge fan base. She is a very prolific writer, and I admire her clean, clear, concise and from the heart marketing campaigns.

So what did I think of the book? I liked it! I can understand why Debbie Macomber has so many fans. 1225 Christmas Tree Lane was poignant, and it read like a literary soap opera. The characters were engaging, and believe me there are a lot of characters. Most of the book revolves around simple storylines of each of the characters but they are all tied in to the main character, Beth Morehouse, and orphaned puppies in need of homes. It’s a feel good book, best described as a good “beach read”.