Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Humpday Hodgepodge 5-9-12

Humpday Hodgepodge seemed an appropriate title for this post, since what I have to share is all-over-the-place today.

Brian Jud is hosting a FREE (love that word) webinar on Thursday by Daniel Hall titled, "Writing eMails That Get Retail Outlets (Including Book Stores) to Buy Your Books". If you're interested in signing up, here's the link:
Thursday May 10 at:
7:00pm Eastern (New York Time)
6:00pm Central (Chicago Time)
5:00pm Mountain (Denver Time)
4:00pm Pacific (Los Angeles Time)

The nomination of Do You? to the Global EBook Awards has been an amazing springboard in getting interest reinvigorated for my book. I sent out an initial blast of press releases yesterday, and I'm slated to send a second blast today. My fingers are crossed that there will be some local interest in running a story about the nomination. Even if that's as far as I get in the competition, it will have been worth it for the amazing feedback and renewed interest. It's a definite win-win!

Photo by: Michelle Reynoso

Did you know that May is National Photo Month? I thought I'd share some of my favorite photos from my collection over the next few weeks, starting with this one.

There's just something soothing about a roaring fire on a family camping trip, and this photo reminds me of one of the best camping trips ever. Do you have a favorite photo?

And finally, thanks to Lara Britt (aka Lori) for the writeup on her blog Writing Space: MNINB Annotated Blogroll: Kids Play. Lara writes from sunny Honolulu. Writing Space is Lara's newest adventure in blogging - It chronicles her adventures in moving in comfort level from story-teller to writer to author while retaining what she likes most about each of those designations. Lara is a fellow participant from Robert Lee Brewer's April Platform Challenge. Thanks Lara!

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