Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Book Review - My Blood Approves

Book Review - My Blood Approves 
by Amanda Hocking

Of course I was curious - Amanda Hocking started as a self-e-published writer and has projected herself into a best-selling author, picked up by St. Martins with a $2 million dollar advance - you bet I was curious. And now I've read this first book, and I ask myself why she wasn't picked-up by traditional publishing sooner.

My Blood Approves is a book about teenagers, vampires, and an everyday place where these two things collide. The story is easy to read, with a similar style to Twilight, except there's less drama here and stronger characters. In My Blood Approves it's the characters that move the story along, lead by the main character Alice as she learns that her new "friend" Jack turns out to be a vampire. These vampires are not as glamorous as the Twilight vampires, more of an everyday-type of vampire, but the characters are real. The dialogue is real. When you're reading the story, you feel like these could be your friends in real-life, and that's the real appeal of the story.

There's no apocalyptic, end-of-the-world drama here, the action is more subtle.

I truly enjoyed reading this story, and will continue to read more Amanda Hocking books. I highly recommend it for YA readers who enjoy paranormal & vampire stories. 

What I learned as a writer from My Blood Approves:
When the characters are well-developed, it doesn't matter if there's a big climax in the story or not. If readers care about the characters, then they'll follow the story to the end, and ultimately care about about what happens no matter how big or how small, just as you would a good friend.


Sarah Negovetich said...

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Michelle Reynoso said...

Thanks Sarah - you are the best!

Kelly Hashway said...

I haven't read this one yet but I read her other self-published series. The girl has talent and a great following.

Michelle Reynoso said...

If only we could all garner the same following that she has built. What an amazing success story!