Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Inspired Walk

Today I got to thinking about inspiration - what inspires me in life and in my writing. That thought was the impetus for an afternoon walk, in search of inspiration. I went to a favorite spot, a hidden walkway between a park and a college campus. The air was mild, with a light breeze that swept off the low-tide, muddy river, and sun that warmed my wintered skin, and felt amazing.  This came to me as I walked:
Inspired by the beauty of silence (what awakens in the stillness of quiet) and the uncomplicated brilliance of nature.

I captured some images, on my phone; examples of the uncomplicated brilliance of nature - shared in the slideshow below.

This is what inspires me, number one, at the top of the list. Nature.


Kelly Hashway said...

Great pictures! Those are definitely inspiring. My daughter and I go for walks almost every day. It's so pretty to just take in nature.

Michelle said...

Thanks Kelly. It's amazing because this morning I'm flowing with ideas. I can't even keep up with them. Writing, art, blog's a natural high.

Sometimes I get stuck in front of my computer, without taking a break at my full time gig, and it's amazing what an inspired walk can do to clear the cobwebs and get the creativity flowing.

Now the challenge is to keep a consistent flow.

Catherine Stine said...

Very nice! Yes, nature is truly inspiring, and in it, I find new energy and peace. On that note, tomorrow for A to Z, I'll post about forests! Cheers, Catherine

Michelle said...

Thanks Catherine - will be sure to check out your post tomorrow on forests. Have an inspired day!