Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Edits & Inspirations

 Writing Accountability - Day #1 -- Revisions & Inspirations

Last night, on the first day of accountability blogging, I worked on some revisions; forced myself to stay up to 11:30 pm and didn't allow myself to even entertain the idea of sleep, until I had done something toward my writing. I took the second chapter of En and moved it to the front, so the story now starts with action.

I was inspired by the beginning of The Iron Knight by Julie Kagawa, which I just started reading on my Kindle at the gym. It gave me an idea of how to rework the order of events at the beginning of my story. Julie starts The Iron Knight in the heat of action, and that is what drew me to continue reading her book, as it's not usually the type of story that I'd be interested in. So that got me to thinking, since En is sci-fi (light sci-fi), and I want to appeal to a wide YA/crossover audience, the best way to do that is to draw readers in from the first words, and thus it needed a bit of reordering. I still need to rework the transitions now that I've reordered the chapters, but I'll work on that tomorrow, while also implementing some edits I had worked-out while waiting at the hair salon on Saturday.

The other thing that I worked on earlier today is the layout of the blog. Have you noticed? It's a bit jazzed-up. I just didn't like the look of the old format any longer -- the new format just feels right.

So, that's today's updated. If feels GREAT to be back in a writing routine!

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