Monday, January 16, 2012

2012 - Going to be Amazing

Do you guys feel it? I feel it. 2012 is going to be an AMAZING year! So what do you have planned to accomplish this year? New Year's resolutions were flying all over the internet the first week of January. They started dwindling last week, and now the third week in January and they're nearly non-existent. So have you lost focus on your goals for the year already? I hope not.

Now is the time to review your list. Which goals/resolutions still seem realistic, and which ones were more pie-in-the-sky pipe-dreams? Narrow the list to 1-3 that you think will be the real items you want to go after this year. And then right down the steps that you need to accomplish to get it done, distribute those tasks to the weeks/months in which you want to get them done.

Goals are best accomplished when broken down into smaller, more attainable steps.

2012 can be your year. 2012 WILL be your year...if you just plan for it and pursue it with blinders on.

I believe in you. Do you? Believe in yourself.



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