Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Break - Winding Down & Ramping up to Write

Breaks are important; not breaks as in "I'm breaking up with you", but breaks in terms of rest, down-time, and respite. It's a chance to recharge. And I have. I'm creatively recharged. Ready to write the next novel. Able to leap talling buildings in a single bound. Wait a minute, that's superman.


Anyway, this well-deserved writing break has me chomping at the bit to start writing again. I'm excited to start crafting the next book, Book 2 of The Energy Trilogy titled "Li". I'm ramping up to start drafting during National Novel Writing Month in 13 days. I saved book one in pdf format and loaded it to my kindle. I'm rereading it at the gym and brainstorming ideas for this next installment (which is exciting in itself because having book 1 on the kindle makes it feel more real somehow, like its already published even if its not).

This was a good break. I'm ready to start the next leg of the journey.

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