Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Make Loaning Your Books Easier - Personal Library Kit

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My personal library is growing, and often times I share my books with friends and family. Once in awhile, a book doesn't quite make it back. And who did I lend it to? Has that happened to you too?  Well, I stumbled on this interesting item today called the Personal Library Kit by Knock Knock. This kit has everything in it to make your own library check-out desk: 20 self adhesive pockets, 20 insert cards, one date stamp, pad, and pencil. 6.5"x7.5".

Me likey-likey! Neat gift idea too for readers & writers alike. 

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Liz said...

Yes. I've had Knock Knock's amazing library kit for years. One of the coolest thing I have. Found it at a small bookstore in Pasadena and instantly fell in love with the brand.