Thursday, August 25, 2011

Book Review - Night Road

Book Review - Night Road
by Kristin Hannah
Night RoadLet me start by saying this...this book made me cry, not once, not twice, but four separate times. The story that unfolds in this book is touching, and emotional. We know from the beginning of the novel that something happens, something big, that affects the characters, but we don't know what. The first half of the book leads us up to that something. Here is where we meet the characters and feel attached to them.

And then we see and feel and experience the after.

The story is about three teenagers: Mia, Zach, Lexi and its also about Mia & Zach's mom Jude Farraday. There are other important characters throughout the story, but pivotal characters are those above. We get to know them, understand them individually and together and then we watch them as they endure tragedy.

As a writer, what amazes me about the way Kristin Hannah tells her story is that if feels very spontaneous. A character makes a decision and we see that decision unfold into consequence. It's not so easy to execute. A writer knows the outcome of a story, but Kristin Hannah does it, and in a way that seems both effortless & seamless. This is what makes parts of the story so heartbreaking.

I loved this is on my favorites list. A highly recommended read; suitable for both adults and teens. Bravo!!!

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UK said...

An interesting perspective from both the parent and the child. I liked the beginning much more than the last half of the book. I was hooked, then sorta let down with the plot. Yes, it was realistic, but the writing didn't continue to keep my attention the way it did in the beginning.