Monday, July 25, 2011

Tools for Taking Notes While Reading

I've been looking for a more effective way to jot notes when I'm reading physical books. It's easy on my kindle because I can type up notes and bookmark sections of text. When I'm reading physical books I don't usually think to grab a piece of paper to jot notes...particularly when I know I'll be writing up a review at the end. So after some research, here are some helpful tools to use in jotting notes while reading. I hope they help you too.

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 Book Mark Cards - "Mark your pages without marking your pages" These are bookmarks that are made for notes.

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And while you're there, check out this article about "Writing in Books" by Steve Leveen.

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Here's another option, a Post-it Flag Marker where you can mark the page and jot tiny notes on the flag (or flag notes on the page). These are available from most office supply stores, but here's a link to Staples where I found the information: Post-it Flag Marker.

This next one isn't useful in jotting notes, but really such a cute idea for
helping you remember where you left off, that I had to include it. This is called FingerPrint and it literally has a finger that points to the spot where you left off (or to the spot where you will begin again). This one is available at Finger Print - Bookmark.

Finger Print - Bookmark
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