Monday, July 18, 2011

Book Review - Passion

Book Review - Passion by Lauren Kate

Passion ((Fallen))
This series by Lauren Kate has been a solid three star rating for me so far, except this book fell a little short. I would have preferred to cut most of the travelling-through-time scenes and opted for a little more text that delved into the higher meaning of the curse between Luce and Daniel. I just felt stringed along for most of the book. That is just my opinion. Online, I see that there are plenty of people who really enjoyed exploring this history between Luce and Daniel. I was just hoping for more answers, answers to questions that have been left open for most of the series. But then again, we do have the next book, Rapture, to look for those. And yes, I'll be reading the last book, because I'm just dying to know how all of this gets pulled together in the end. Call me a sucker for unfinished love stories, particularly ones between a human and an angel.

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