Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Ever Fleeting Muse

Yesterday, I was hit with inspiration for a new poem. The lines of the poem were coming one after another. It was deep, insightful, and the words fit perfectly. The only problem was that I was driving as it hit. I pulled into the parking lot, with seconds left on my lunch break, and vowed to write it all down the second I was able to.

I got distracted.

The poem never got written.

And now it's lost.

I should have pulled over and written it as the words flowed, because now as I try to recreate the poem, nothing is coming. Instead of sounding deep and moving, now it just sounds cheesy.

Chalk it up to another lesson in writing, do whatever it takes to write the words down when the muse is present. Otherwise the words will be lost forever.

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