Thursday, April 21, 2011


I love to "people-watch". I could sit for hours observing people, gleening characteristics for future use in my writing. But it even goes deeper than that. People are complicated, and watching how others act and react is a bit of uncovering what makes us all human.
Even though I'll never know every intimate detail of the people I observe, I can gleen an essence in that moment, and sometimes it's those moments that spark stories and characters.

My favorite people watching location this week was on Tuesday. My son had early dismissal from school and our tradition on such days is to grab lunch at McDonalds. Not healthy, I know, but it's a treat. So this week, the local McDonalds was filled with high-schoolers, and since I write YA, observing teenagers is key. I got some good material and was reminded how different the teenage world is; it really is a world unto itself. I got some good slang (had to cover my son's ears a couple times) and watched some interesting interactions. Good stuff, good stuff.

Do you have a favorite people-watching location?

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