Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Finish Line?

The finish line feels so far away. I am so close to completing my current manuscript and I just feel like the closer I get the further the finish line pushes ahead. Am I alone in this feeling? I feel like I just need a solid week of non-stop writing and maybe I could crack the ceiling that's holding me back from getting this done. Maybe this upcoming weekend break from the regular schedule will help me break through it. Oh I surely hope so!


Terin Tashi Miller said...

Michelle: Yes and no. I have felt that way at different times most of my life.

What I've found sometimes I need to do instead is hold the horse of my manuscript back to keep pacing itself, letting it have its head for the kick--not when the finishing line is in sight, but rather when the leader is, the last thing I have to do before I think I'm done, the last chapter or paragraph or sentence or word I know I need to say I'm done, for now, having made it the best I can, for now.

I'm not sure we're ever really done until there's nothing really more you can do to it, it's published, and you need to focus on something else.

I find holding myself back, rather than rushing to the end, makes my writing better. I hope.

Michelle said...

Good advice Terin. I think there's also this little hidden fear inside that says once its done, its up to "others" to decide if the last umpteen years of work have produced material that's good enough or not. I think I'm also itching to work on something fresh too, to draw from another part of my brain, kindle the creative process of drafting a fresh story. But it will come, hopefully sooner rather than later.