Monday, April 11, 2011

Book Review - My Soul To Keep

My Soul to Keep (MIRA)                     
Book Review - My Soul To Keep
by Rachel Vincent

This was my first Rachel Vincent book, and I just happened to start in the middle of her Soul Screamers series. So did this book stand on it's own? Yes, it did. The book started in a perfect place; a very natural beginning, and for most of the story I didn't feel at a loss. There were just a couple terms like "bean sidhe" that jarred me at first, but the author did a good job of explaining the terms without adding unneccessary backstory.
This is a teen story with teenage characters that have abilities like travelling to the Netherworld, or a Reaper who lives and works amongst the character. While I was reading it, the story reminded me of Sherrilyn Kenyon's work, except geared towards young adult readers.

I enjoyed the story, and its unique perspective on paranormal. It was an easy read with strong writing and every detail accounted for. I didn't feel like there were any loop holes that weren't closed in the plot by the end. The only part that had me wishing for more was in the characters themselves. I didn't find myself hankering to find out what happened specifically to the characters, but instead it was the story that carried me along.

This is clearly a story for YA readers, but I recommend it for older YA readers only as there is some content that is too mature for younger YA readers.

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