Monday, February 21, 2011

School Library Day

One of the joys of having a 2nd grader at home is the big book reveal each Tuesday. Tuesday is school library day, and my son likes the fact that he can now choose his own books. Sometimes, all he has to do is show me the cover, and I can guess why he chose it. Other times, he has a whole elaborate process as to why he picked that particular book. This week's pick is Behold...the Dragons! Can you guess he loves dragons?
Behold...the Dragons!

I like when he brings home the books with the crinkly clear protective covers. When we open these books, it brings me back to my days at school, as the librarian sat perched in front of the class, opening a book to read to us each week. Each book was an adventure. Each book was a chance to escape to a place all our own.

There's something magical in seeing the excitement of a child when talking about books. And I hope my son will appreciate books as he grows-up. Hopefully, one day, he too will share books with his kids.

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