Monday, February 14, 2011

Book Review - Precious and Fragile Things

Precious and Fragile ThingsBook Review 
Precious and Fragile Things
by Megan Hart

If you remember, this was the book I had stumbled on simply because I received an advertisement for it in my inbox. Here's the post where I described the process from ad to purchase. And now I've finished the book, and it was an awesome read. Wow!

If you are a women with a  family, you'll really get the main character Gilly. Megan Hart does an amazing job of capturing Gilly's torment, the constant tug o'war that mothers often go through when raising kids and being married. But what happens to Gilly early on in the story changes everything, and her world is turned upside down. The characters are well crafted, flawed, and likable. It's one of those books that is a fast read, and the characters stick with you days after the story is finished.

Some of the notes I wrote for myself while reading this book:
  • 1. The first chapter sets up Gillys frustrations very well...its palpable. I feel her need to escape. And the transition into the carjacking is flawless.
  • 2. The title of the book takes on several meanings throughout the story. Excellent title!
  • 3. The descriptions are just right in this book, just enough for the reader to get a real sense of the surroundings but not too much too detract from the flow of the story. I loved this excerpt as it is a perfect example of this, "This morning she'd stood in her closet, picking out clothes without holes or too many stains, jeans with a button and zipper instead of soft lounge pants with an elastic waist..."

This is a highly recommended read!

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