Sunday, January 02, 2011

Sample Sunday - Do You?

Sample Sunday:
Do You?
by Michelle Reynoso
Oblivious Driver  


Oblivious Driver

The oblivious driver,
not knowing there's a line of cars in back,
driving 55 in the fast lane.
move over
why do you hold us up?
why are you not aware of those around you?
why are you so self-absorbed that you cannot see?
oblivious driver

What are you thinking
when you look out
your rear-view mirror
to see cars
behind you?

What are you thinking
when cars
pass you
on the right side?
Do you not see
that you are in
the wrong lane?

Why are you so oblivious?
Is that just the way you are?
have you been drinking?
are you on drugs?
are you tired?
are you just oblivious?

I want to pull up beside you
roll down my window
ask you why,
why are you so oblivious?
I know
I won't get an answer
(photo credit: Michelle Reynoso)

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