Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Kindle - Opening Doors to New Authors

I am an avid reader. I told my husband the other day that there are worse things to be addicted to than books and ice cubes. He agreed. This was after I nearly dragged him up the escalator to "just glimpse" some new arrivals when all we were supposed to do was grab a quick cup of coffee in the bookstore's cafe.

So this brings me to my kindle. When e-readers first came out, I was one of those people that said, "I will never get one of those. How can you read a book on that thing?" Yep, that was me. And now, I've got one. And I use it.  I still believe there's nothing better than holding a book and cherishing its pages. But my kindle has a distinct purpose. It allows me the indulgence of finding new authors and books that I might never had access to before.

In the past I might jot down a book title, or an author's name, on a piece of paper and hope I might remember it when I went to the bookstore. I'd remember on rare occasions. With my kindle, I search online and download the title right away. Or download the preview to see if it's the type of book I might like to read.

So my kindle has now become a place for me to read new titles from new authors. Am I still buying actual books? You bet I am! For favorite authors, favorite titles, sequels, and books that catch my attention when I'm in the bookstore (yes I frequent bookstores just as much as before) I buy the book, the actual book.

So there you have. My kindle has already become invaluable to me. And instead of replacing physical books, it's enhancing my ability to find new books and new authors.

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toycool said...

That's exactly how I feel about my Kindle!! I've found loads of new books that I would never have seen otherwise, and love trying samples for free to see if I like things.

It really annoys me how people assume that because I have an ereader I will surely never touch another paper book ever again...I have to spell it out for them: it's not one or the other, you can have both!