Monday, December 06, 2010

Books - Cornerstones Of Our Life

I was perusing my bookshelves the other day, and my eyes stopped at two books sitting side-by-side, the earliest books in my collection, ones I've had since I was little. My parents used to read Aesop's Fables to me; it's the only book I remember hearing as a child, and as you can see from the picture below, it's worn and falling apart. And now I've started reading it to my son. It's stories continue. The other book is called "The Lord Is My Shepherd". This book was a great comfort to me during some difficult challenges in my childhood. Religious or not, the book on its own has been important to me. And I now pass down its messages to my son as well.

Great stories and sentimental value, these books are cornerstones of my life. And isn't that another element of what books offer, they are like stops on a timeline of life. Each book can store memories that we instill into it because of what was happening to us at the time of its reading. And if we pass the stories on to our children, and lessons and memories along with it, then we connect the dots between the present and the past.

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