Friday, December 10, 2010

Anatomy of Discovering New Books & Authors - Advertising to Purchase

Anatomy of Discovering New Books & Authors - how do you find the books you add to your reading list?
Precious and Fragile Things 
This is going to be a recurring segment in my quest to better understand the ways that books make it to their readers. As a prolific reader myself, what better way to understand this then to analyze how I discover new authors and books that make it to my reading list.

So, I opened my email this morning and discovered an ad from Publishers Weekly, dedicated to a book called Precious and Fragile Things by Megan Hart.

Here's a copy of the ad:
I had never heard of the book or of its author. The first thing that caught my attention was the cover. It was beautiful and haunting and drew me in. The type & title suggested a story that might interest me. I wanted to know more. So I read the blurb in the ad. Interesting. I clicked the link to read an excerpt and was immediately brought to Megan Hart's website which led me to a longer blurb about the book. I liked the premise, sounded like an interesting storyline, I was curious to see how this story might play out. I clicked the link to read an excerpt.  I liked the writing style, and the excerpt help to illustrate the relationship between the two main characters. And that's where I was hooked. Once I read the excerpt I knew I wanted to get the book. From there I clicked the link to find out where the book could be purchased and found that it's not out until January but available for preorder. And the book is now on my "to read" list.  

So from advertisement to ordering, this book had just the right things in-between to give me, as a reader, what I needed to want to read this book. Without the proper blurb, or even without the excerpt, I think I might have said "interesting" but maybe not taken it to "must-read". This was an important lesson in understanding how every little portion of a book's online presence (and even the book cover and writing style) are so important in attracting readers.

In addition to adding the book to my reading list, I even posted a link on twitter and added the book to Goodreads. And I'm talking about the book here. So that's advertising dollars that are going even further. And that's the kind of perpetual marketing an author wants. That's the kind of marketing that even an advertisement can't track, but is so important in getting the word out to as many potential readers as possible.

To order from Amazon: Precious and Fragile Things

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