Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Writing Spaces

There are a myriad of places I go when it's time to write, some more common than others.  Here are some pictures of my most common and favorite writing spots. 

This is my writing area at home...

...and my writing board with notes on the current
manuscript as well as ideas for future stories.

This is Felix, a common contributor to my work . He's
been known to add his own lines by walking over the keyboard.

Yes, that's me sitting with my laptop during a lunch
break cranking out as many words as I can in an hour.
Luckily this spot gives me a great view of the park and
lot's of inspiration.

Camping and writing - a great combination!
Every year I go on a family camping trip and one of my
favorite places to write is by the crackling fire.

Starbucks is another one of my favorite spots.
This is me working on revisions, and a Chai Tea Latte.

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