Monday, November 22, 2010

Book Review - Fallen by Lauren Kate

Book Review - Fallen by Lauren Kate

FallenThis book took its time building the characters and creating a normal teenage existence within the story before it revealed much about the celestial elements. Readers learn the details only when Luce, the main character, learns about them, and this follows all the way to the end of the book when it appears there is much more to learn. 

The character development of Luce, in particular, is well done, and it was interesting that the second main character, Daniel, doesn't come into play as much until the end. The story is essentially about fallen angels and the battle that is being waged outside of heaven, but this book felt more like a foundation for the furtherance of that story in book two.

There is a sense that a lot is left unresolved in the story, but my hope is that those things will be addressed in book two.

I enjoyed Fallen immensely and liked the character development most of all. Before I had even finished this first book, I bought book two, Torment, as I knew I'd want to continue the story right away to see how it plays out.

Great read, but one that definetly needs to be continued to book two (which is a great thing for those of us that love engrossing stories that continue on!).

Recommended read for anyone who enjoys young adult supernatural love stories.

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