Friday, October 29, 2010

Win A Signed R.L. Stine Book

In honor of Halloween this weekend, I'm running a contest here on the blog. The prize is a signed copy of an R.L. Stine book. The first person to guess the title of the book wins the prize. Easy right! But of course there are a few rules:
1. Only one guess per person. But, I will allow guesses by friends for you as long as they comment on the blog under their name. If they become a winner, they can let me know where the book can be sent (directly to you if needed). So if friends post answers for you it makes your chances at winning unlimited!
2. Answers can be submitted by commenting on this blog
3. If no one guesses the correct answer, then the names of everyone who places a guess will be gathered and a winner will be drawn randomly from amongst them.
4. Answers will be accepted until someone guesses the correct answer or October 31st at midnight (whichever comes first).
1. It's a children's book
2. It's not a title that has been previously mentioned on this blog before.
Good luck!


Terin Tashi Miller said...

Um, if its R.L. Stine and a children's book, it's got to be part of his "Goosebumps" series, one of Jordan's new favorites.

I'm guessing..."Monster Blood III", as Jordan's currently reading "Monster Blood II."


Cyber Writer said...

Is the newest book SLAPPY NEW YEAR!?

Scott R. Davis said...

a good title could be Gobbled up by Spaghetti-0's!!!!

Scott R. Davis

Michelle said...

Check today's blog post for details on the winner of this contest.