Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Three Bags of Books Later

I walked into the bookstore today and walked out with three bags of books. It earned me a few glances on my way out by other patrons perusing the shelves. I'm sure it looked pretty funny, little short me weighed down with three big, heavy bags of books. Even I chuckle at the site of it. Now mind you, all those books are not just for me, some are early Christmas presents. But honestly, I can't go into a bookstore without rescuing a few gems. Books are like kittens in a shelter, calling to me and begging to be held. Whispers of their stories echo in the air as I read the back covers.

Ok, Am I the only one who gets so excited about books? Or does this happen to other people too? Just wondering.

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Paul Callaghan said...

I have the same compulsion but never enough money. However, our local Lions club does a huge charity book sale every year. Local people donate their unwanted books and then the Lions sell them for at 50cents for paperbacks and $1 for hardbacks. I can usually spend $20 and keep myself going until Christmas. It's always the last weekend in October so i have a different reason to look forward to Halloween.