Thursday, September 02, 2010

Yesterday - Inspired to Write

Yesterday was a great day for writing. On my way home, my mind was thoroughly engrossed in the story of my current manuscript. I was running through some of the dialogue between two of the main characters, dialogue that led up to a first kiss scene. By the time I pulled into the parking lot of my apartment building, all I wanted to do was run upstairs and write. So I did. And I wrote for six solid hours. And I probably could have written for a few more hours if my eyes weren't so exhausted from staring at the laptop for so long. Not only were the words flowing faster than I could write them, but once I stepped back and read through what I wrote it was obviously written from inspiration, and it was good (which isn't always the prognosis after a read through).

And now, I hope for even more inspiration today as I tackle another section of the manuscript that screams for a rewrite. Wish me luck!

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