Friday, September 17, 2010

Webinar - Where To Find Book Buyers

This looks like a great webinar for anyone who has a book published or soon to be published and wants to SELL-SELL-SELL more books. It's a free webinar by Brian Jud who always puts on a very informative presentation.

The webinar is going to be held on Tuesday September 21 @ 4:00 (1 hr) Eastern Time. Here's the link for more information & to sign-up: Webinar

Here's a blurb about the webinar:

Where to find people who can buy thousands of your books - with no returns

"Selling books is a matter of numbers. The more people you contact, the more books you can sell. Unfortunately, many authors miss out on potential sales because they don't know where to find the names of people who can buy in large quantities, with no returns. In this webinar you will learn where to find the names of people willing and able to buy your books. Do you think there is nowhere to sell your books? There is, if you know where. Sign up today and discover new markets and people that you probably never considered as prospects before. Then watch your sales grow."*
                *from a promotional email from Brian Jud about the webinar

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