Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Top Ten Things Around Me While Writing

Top ten week continues...
Top Ten Things Around Me While Writing

1. Cup of coffee (light, extra sweet, and preferably flavored) or Chai Tea Latte

2. Dictionary

3. Thesaurus  (I'm in love with the Visual Thesaurus online!)

4. Chapter note cards - I have these pinned up on my writing board with details from each chapter
5. Story Outline - I have this handy for easy reference for smooth chapter transitions, plot arches, and story structure.
6. Cup of Ice - and the cup is constantly refilled. I enjoy eating something crunchy while writing and ice is better than chips!

7. Books that Inspire Me - I am frequently referring to books I've read, checking to see how other authors have approached plot & structure.
8. Laptop/Manuscript - I alternate between my laptop and a constantly updated hard copy of my manuscript, depending on my mood & location I decide which to work on.
9. Earplugs - These are essential if I'm writing at home when the television or radio are on. Sometimes I need pure silence to focus on what I'm working on.

10. Instrumental Music - Most times I write in silence, but lately I've also found inspiration from instrumental music or a nature CD.

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