Monday, September 27, 2010

Review - Down The Low Road by Terin Tashi Miller

I finished reading Down The Low Road by Terin Tashi Miller. You can read my review below or you can go to the Goodreads website and view it there along with an excerpt of the novel here. Earlier in the year,  I also interviewed Terin Tashi Miller and you can view the interview here.

Down The Low Road by Terin Tashi Miller is a novel of twists and turns as journalist John Colson & photographer Robert Frazier maneuver through India to cover the story of a war-hero accused of killing his neighbors. The story starts in the thick of Hindu & Moslem conflict and reveals a world few outside of India could imagine. This book is a great read right to the end both in storytelling and in a development of transporting readers to the streets of India. Loved the imagery like “Frazier drew attention like the dung fuel drying on the alley walls drew flies,” and “It was a city where families still lived in thousand-year-old buildings, where occasionally the silence of sleep is interrupted by the slow-motion collapse of such builidings, and the morning starts early with the sound of construction in which bricks from the pile of rubble left behind by such buildings are used for new structures.”

Can’t wait to read the next book!

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