Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New Favorite Tool - Visual Thesaurus

I've found a new favorite tool. Have you seen this? It's the Visual Thesaurus. I've used the trial version and it has already been invaluable in my revision process. I am a fan of the Thesaurus, but this puts all the information in an easy to read format by shades of meaning. All I can say is this is a fantastic idea for any type of writer.

The following information is from the website.

1. The Center. The Visual Thesaurus displays words and meanings that are related to the item in the center of the display.

2. The Toolbar. Search for words, view word suggestions, see search history, and change preferences settings from the toolbar. Forward/Back buttons provide easy navigation. Help tips are always available.

3. Words. Click on a word to bring it to the center. Click on the speaker icon to hear the word spoken. Surrounding the word are words and meanings that are related to it.

4. Meanings. Roll your mouse over a meaning to learn more about it. Click on a meaning to bring it to the center.

5. Settings. Click on the Settings menu to personalize font size, types of relationships shown, content filtering, special keyboard shortcuts, and more.

6. Special Features. Printing, spell checking, Internet image and web page search are all available.

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