Thursday, July 22, 2010

Character Inspiration

Sitting in the lobby of the hospital yesterday, waiting for some lab results, I happened to meet a man who I think will become a character in one of my stories. Isn't it never know where inspiration will come from. This was an older gentleman, from Italy, who had some amazing stories to tell about his life and his journey from Italy to America. I listened intently, making some mental notes, and afterwards he stuck in my mind most of the day. His mannerisms, speech patterns, and authenticity were memorable - what more could I want in a character!

So it made me wonder, where do you get inspiration for your characters?


~Nicole Ducleroir~ said...

I'm just like you, always tucking mental notes for future characters into the mind's file system. Observing people in public, and chatting with strangers in waiting rooms and subway platforms provides pages and pages of fodder for fiction. I love that!

Jane Steen said...

Definitely from people I've met. I think most fiction writers use an amalgam of traits from real people plus some extra details to mold the character into something that drives the story.