Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Last night I sequestered myself with my manuscript and did a plot brainstorming session. I worked on several brainstorms: chapter timeline, main story/plot lines, and character development over the span of the story. My goal: to tweak the story midpoint to end with building momentum, story development that feels spot on (not cheesy), and dénouement.

The first half of the manuscript is tight and feels exciting when I read it, but now the work begins on the second half. I have a couple ideas that may require minor tweaks to the beginning of the manuscript but just to keep the story consistent.

Tonight, I continue with the brainstorm session, and then tomorrow it’s back to revisions that follow the new ideas. One step closer to polishing the novel!


Teresa Edmond said...

Sounds like a productive session! I would love to read your novel!

Michelle said...

It was so productive it felt really good! And I just completed another round tonight (3 hours) - I wish I could do that every day. We'll def have to exchange ms again once this one is closer to completion.

Laura Elizabeth said...

The hunger to write it is awesome and amazing isn't it. Best of luck in the ending hun!

Michelle said...

Thanks Laura! It really is - everything I do right now feeds the storyline and the characters.