Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What's In A Name - part 2

A few days ago I did a blog post titled, "What's In A Name". And in today's follow-up we're going to have a little fun. Over the years, I've collected a list of some of the more unique names I've come across. These are REAL names of real people, not character names. Which is your favorite?

Susan Rash
Merry Christmas (yep, that's a girl's name!)
Iwona Wadolowski
Darling Polo
Beata Bak
Summer Rain Fall
Romaine Colter
Tracy Hatem
Irish Marie Meneses
Elcie Bessie
Maria Quirk Nonas
Christine Mugazero
Lovegem Dizon
Zenab Sirleaf
Promise Sills
Flor Done
Peggy Goble
Celsius Mutalac
Dimple Patel
Emmanuela Fertile
Januari Brown
Shawn Quick
Waraporn Schmidt
Carol Lark
Reginald Go
Farhat Kaan
Stephanie Blender
Maria Short
Marie Icart
Michael Eatman
Chioma Odor
Honesty Nagel
Tootsie Janda
Swanzybella Pimpong
Dimple Chatur
Frais Husbands
Amanda Bee
Gina Compas
Fatney Angervil
Joy Dampman
Jason Pork
Thong Van Le
Stephanie Pressure
Stella Trueblood

And here's a mother/daughter pairing: mom-Shimba Jones, daughter-Shumba Jones
And a family grouping: Earth Mary Venus (daughter), Jupiter Venus (mom), Apollo Miralles (cousin)

So just remember, naming your character is just like naming a child...make sure you choose something memorable and fitting, but also something that you can live with for the rest of your book's life.

(Special thanks to everyone whose name is listed above.)


Anonymous said...

Hello! I actually came accross this blog after googling my name.lol Interestingly, It was listed as one of the names. As I marveled at this, I thought I should share with you the origin. My parents are Nigerians. They are of the Igbo tribe. The name Chioma means goodluck or good God, depending on the context. Odor is actually a shorter version of a longer name, which one of my aunts convinced the entire family to shorten so it could sound more western and easier for the west to pronounce. The longer version of Odor was Odornyereike...lol


Chioma Odor

Michelle said...


That is interesting isn't it? So glad you found the post, and thanks for sharing the origins of your name. :)

Michelle said...

I came across another name to add to the list: Charity Gamble

Anonymous said...

How did u come across my name? Lovegem Dizon?

Michelle said...

Hi Lovegem-
Thanks for the question. I've been jotting down unique names for the past twenty years. Sometimes the names are ones I've seen or heard about from my work places or from co-workers experiences. I am fascinated by unique names. Do you have any history on the origin or inspiration for your name?

Anonymous said...

I guess Im the Waraporn Schmidt you have mentioned :) Just a small clarification Im originally from Thailand and Waraporn is a very common name( we dont pronounce hte R in P-O-R-N though, so the meaning has nothing to do with English) and Schmidt is my married name so I guess at that part I had no control over it...I admit I get the look all the time when I have to say or spell my name to anyone..Im used to it :)
Waraporn Schmidt

Michelle said...

Thanks Waraporn - it's great to hear from you, in addition to others that are listed here, and I love getting the background/history on these names.

Thanks for being a part of this post.