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Author Interview - K Patrick Malone

AUTHOR INTERVIEW - K. Patrick Malone

What was the inspiration for your new book, An Unfinished House?
An Unfinished HouseHonestly, Captain Morgan was my inspiration. It sparked a very intense relationship of the kind I'd never had before. Two heterosexual men finding themselves abandoned by their women, then finding that caring for each other in hard times wasn’t all that different, think Bro-mance.

Most of your books question the paths that your characters have taken in their lives and explore alternate paths. Have you pondered that for yourself?
I think it’s less of a question of pondering my paths but having them happen to me. If anyone had asked me ten years ago if I could have written An Unfinished House, I would have never believed it. . . until it happened.

How much do you plan your novels before you start writing? Do you know how they will end before you begin to write?
Oddly enough, I never plan any of my novels, not an outline in sight. I just sit down, close my eyes and let my fingers run wild on the keyboard. The rest of the world stops for me. The house doesn’t get cleaned. The chores don’t get done and very often I forget to eat or shower for days. Then once it’s done, in about four to six weeks, I collapse in a heap amass a huge mountain of used Kleenex.
Inside A Haunted Mind
What is your writing schedule - do you write every day?
I write very late at night, from ten pm until the sun comes up, alone in my big creepy 100 year old house. I have no schedule, per se, but I do write in a frenzy of non stop writing for hours at a time during those four to six weeks.

How closely do you follow book reviews & critiques for your books?
I follow them closely. It goes to the nature of art. Is it art if it does not communicate anything to the reader? Luckily, for me, it has and I’ve gotten 19 awards from various literary organizations for my four books. I think when they read my books, they cry when I do.

Do you have any children?
Once of the greatest regrets in my life is that I didn’t have any natural children but have found something so special in that, and as my books portray (and I hope it reaches the readers) A man can love children that are not his own as much as if they were. My boys are da bomb and I couldn’t love them more if they were my own. A good lesson there for those who favor biology over fostering or adoption, and so I hope my books encourage readers to open there hearts to parentless children. There was a TV commercial here recently that said it all about adopting young teens where the kid says. “People only want small babies because they’re all cute and cuddly but they forget that teenagers need a family too.” Broke my heart because I know that feeling all too well.

What made you choose writing over practicing law as a career? How has your legal experience shaped how you write?
Practicing law is essentially cleaning up other people’s messes, like a highly trained and skilled janitor. They go out and act like fools then run to the lawyer crying, “Help me! Help me!” I got sick of being their clean up woman. A telling anecdote; client comes to me after he’s gotten himself all jammed up for hitting his wife. I get him probation, a permanent restraining order and a small fine as a first offender. He yells at me. “Hey, you were supposed to get me off!” My response. “I didn’t hit your wife, buddy. You did. Maybe next time you should keep you’re hands to yourself.” The moral here: the ass was blaming me for not allowing him to hit his wife again. Gotta love it, don’tcha?
The Digger's Rest
What books are you reading right now?
A big kid in a man’s body, I’m reading John. H. Manhold’s El Tigre, The Elymais Coin and Lobo. Boy’s adventure stories (Westerns) written for grown men who want to remember what it was like to be a boy again.

If you had a young writing protégé, what one piece of advice would you offer?
Don’t be afraid to reveal your heart. If it touches someone else’s heart ( and/or mind) then you have achieved the best of what it means to be human.

Do you have another novel in the works?
I’ve just completed my 4th novel, The House at Miller’s Court, due out in the fall and already having received an Honorable Mention from the New York Book Festival (in the general fiction category) while still in manuscript form. The achievement for me there is that horror and my haunted tales, so rarely taken seriously in literary circles, stands up well among the largest group of writers, general fiction.

K. Patrick Malone is the author of Inside A Haunted Mind, The Digger’s Rest, An Unfinished House and the forthcoming, The House at Miller’s Court. He graduated Monmouth University with a B.A. in Psychology before attaining a J.D. from Capital University Law School. After years of practicing law and apartment life in New York City, he returned to a small farm cottage near the Jersey shore to tend his English style garden and write his first book, A Haunted Mind. For more information about K Patrick Malone and his books, you can visit his publisher's website at: A-Argus Books.

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