Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Missed Opportunity

I missed a great opportunity to promote myself on Saturday, but as I think back over it, it's great to learn this lesson now, and fix it. I was at the hair salon for a day of hair beauty. I go to get my hair conditioned, colored, and cut. It's usually a 3-4 hour process, so I go prepared with my manuscript in hand and a pencil and eraser for editing. So throughout the process I pull out the manuscript when I can, like when the color is setting, and work on my writing. While I was working on Saturday, I had two people approach me and ask me if I was an educator. I politely told them no, that I was a writer editing a manuscript. They asked me a few more questions - they were curious and interested in what I was working on. Then the conversation moved on to other things. Had I been smart, and prepared, I would have talked up my book (with a prepared elevator pitch) and left them each with a business card that directed them to my website. One step further I could have asked them if they were interested in being added to my mailing list.

So, here's the checklist I've put together with what I need to prepare to be ready for the next opportunity:
  • revise my elevator pitch (I had one from about a year ago, but my novel has changed so much I need to review it and revise)
  • create an extended pitch
  • practice my pitches until they flow as if in conversation
  • update my business cards. The ones I have are outdated, I need to be sure to include my blog address, a 1 sentence bio, and my elevator pitch on the back of the card
Once those are done, then I just need to make sure I don't leave the house without bringing what I need with me.

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