Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Habits are one of those tricky things in life that can either be the magic that contributes to success or the thing that can break someone's will. A writing habit, for example, is a good thing, and an essential part of having a prolific writing career. The habit of a work routine in a job that is uninspiring, that numbs the senses and tames the creative juices can be detrimental. So how do we decide which habits to keep and which ones to break? I think a person needs to take time, at regular intervals, to reevaluate the habits that we attach ourselves to, whether daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly. It's an individual decision. But if we just continue every habit we ever establish without taking a step back to decide the value of our daily routines, then we may miss important opportunities to refresh our perspectives; to create new and better habits for the future.

Here are some common habits/routines that can be considered for evaluation. These may or may not be ones that you need to evaluate in your life. But the key is to look at your habits and figure out which ones support your goals both in the present and the future.

1. Work environment habits

2. Commuting habits

3. Family life routines

4. Recreational activities

5. Future/Second career path activities

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