Friday, May 14, 2010

A Fortune That Rings True

I don't always open the fortune cookie after eating Chinese food. Many times my son gets to it before I do. He's a fortune cookie fanatic. But today, I broke open the cookie and found this nugget of wisdom, "It takes a lot of time to achieve instant success."

Hmmm. Maybe I needed that today, because to be honest I had let my revisions fall behind the last three days. Other things slipped ahead of my manuscript on the priority list. So maybe this quick little reminder will help me get back in gear, because without the work there is no success.

No matter how much you think someone is an overnight success, there's always work hidden behind it. At least for the ones that are talented and have staying power. And that's where I want to situate myself, with that group.

I've been putting in the time, but I'm not done yet. Back to work on revisions. Thanks to the universe for getting me back on track.

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