Monday, April 12, 2010

Book Review - Thirteen Days To Midnight

I just finished the YA book, "Thirteen Days to Midnight" by NY times bestselling author Patrick Carman. I had received a copy of the ARC after attending one of the book buzz webcast events from School Library Journal. It's one of those books that you keep thinking about days after you've read it. It has a very interesting storyline in which the main character, Jacob Fielding,  has been passed the power to be indestructible and it has the ability to be passed to other people. After testing the limits of the power, Jacob and his two friends Ophelia and Milo decide to use the power for good to help people who would otherwise lose their lives. But soon the friends learn that the power comes with dire consequences. From the backcover of the novel, "In this nail-biting novel of mystery and dark intrique, Jacob must walk the razor-thin line between right and wrong, good and evil, and life and death. And time is running out."

This is a great read for young adult readers, particularly boys who will find the plot and storyline appealing. The only thing that is a bit distracting in the book is Ophelia has a nickname of "Oh" which gets confusing at times as you have to constantly remind yourself someone is not saying "Oh" as in the exclamation. I would have prefered to see her nickname spelled "O", but all in all this is a minor issue.  The book releases today to the general public.
Thirteen Days to Midnight

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