Monday, February 01, 2010

Grants from SCBWI

I forgot about the looming deadline on this writing grant: WIP Grant from SCBWI. Thanks to Kathy Temean for providing a reminder on her blog: Writing and Illustrating.

Here's grant information from the SCBWI website:

The SCBWI Work-In-Progress Grants have been established to assist children’s book writers in the completion of a specific project.

Other Grants Available from SCBWI:

•General Work-In-Progress Grant

•Grant for a Contemporary Novel for Young People

•Nonfiction Research Grant

•Grant for a Work Whose Author Has Never Had a Book Published


jessjordan said...

My synopsis is all nice and formatted, and now I just have to complete the application. Fingers crossed!

Michelle said...

Good luck!