Thursday, February 18, 2010

Contest Alert - NPR: Three Minute Fiction Contest

This one sounds like fun! NPR provides a picture and all you have to do is write a story about it, one that can be read in three minutes (600 words or less). So check this out
Three Minute Fiction contest (round three)

And while you're at it you can review the winners of the first two Three Minute Fiction contests from NPR.
Round One
Round Two

Now one, two, three...write!


Laura Sherman said...

Wow, that's a fun contest. Thanks for the tip!

beth said...

Hi Michelle!

I tried to email you but kept getting an error message? Anyway, just wanted to pop over and say that between snow and vacation and finishing a project and gearing my students to a test, I completely missed your award! I'm so sorry--but I wanted to just drop you a line and say thank you so very much for thinking of me! That was so sweet and made my day. Now that I've finished my project and have internet again, I hope to finally catch up!

Hope you are having a lovely weekend, and thank you again!