Monday, January 18, 2010

A Weekend Without Writing

I didn't get any writing done this weekend and it's left me wondering why. I wanted to write. So why didn't I? Yes, there was the arrival of a new baby to the family (my sister-in-law had her first this weekend), and we had to visit baby Zachary and the family. And then there was the food shopping, the cleaning, balancing the budget, filing our taxes, and homework with my son. Phew it's dizzying just thinking about everything I did get accomplished. So, I'll just start fresh today. Too bad I don't have another day off to devote just to writing, but I'll make do and squeeze in some writing time somewhere.

Happy writing everyone!

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T. Anne said...

Happy writing to you too. I didn't write this weekend either but I had no good excuses. Congrats on your nephew.