Friday, January 22, 2010

Selling YOUR Book for the Amazon Kindle & Beyond

Did you know that you can upload your book and offer it for sale for the Amazon Kindle? The Kindle Digital Text Platform allows authors and publishers to format and upload their own books to the Kindle Store. This is a great option for making self-published & backlist books more viable for longer. And with the announcement from Amazon that they will be offering a 70% royalty option, this is a must to check-out.

And reading the books it's not just for people who have a Kindle, because Amazon offers access to Kindle books free through a computer. Who doesn't have a computer these days?

My book, Do You? was a finalist in two book award programs, but the price point that was set by the publisher has made it a challenge to get large sales numbers from the print version. So this may be a viable way of increasing sales, and increasing the awareness and distribution of the book.


Here are some helpful links for researching the Amazon Kindle Digital Text Platform:
Amazon Digital Text Platform Quick Start Guide
Kindle Store
Welcome to Digital Text Platform

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Voracia: Goddess of Words said...

Interesting! Thanks for letting everyone know, and good luck with publishing your book on Kindle!