Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Manuscript Review - by Agent & Editor

Have you ever wondered what goes through an editor's mind when reviewing a manuscript? How about an agent? Well two amazing posts came over the blogroll that I just had to pass along. These give writers great insight to the world of publishing as it pertains to the two questions above.

Here's a post from Kathleen Temean's blog, "Top Ten Questions Dutton Editors Ask Themselves When Looking At A Manscript". I printed this one and pinned it to my writing board. I'm going to review these questions with every manuscript I have. As writers, we need to supply the content in our work that will get us past the slush pile and into the hands of the agents, editors, and publishers. And these questions once answered and fulfilled with our novels, will also help us define elements of marketing the book which thus gets us into bookstores and into the hands of our readers.

And then there's the post over on Literary Agent Janet Reid's blog today in which she tallies up the reasons for rejections on full manuscripts she's reviewed. It just shows you how polished a novel needs to be before it gets sent to an agent for review. Wow, is this good stuff. Thanks Janet for sharing the information! (Did I mention I got to meet Janet at the BEA/WD Books Writers Conference last year; she is just an awesome lady!)

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Here's another link to check out from agent Jennifer Jackson who reviews her 2009 query statistics: