Thursday, January 07, 2010

Hidden Force 2 - Epiphany!

So let me set the scene. I was tired last night, and I really didn't want to sit down on the laptop and work on the second book of my YA fiction novel, Hidden Force. I was congested and wanted to go to bed. But, I forced myself to work on about 450 words of revisions...not much I know but better than nothing. Then, instead of going to bed, I headed to the shower. Well, that's when it hit me. As I was finishing, I was hit with an epiphany for the novel. Out of the blue, just like that, the element I needed to bring it all together and move it from just "good" to "amazing" came to me. No longer was I tired. I rushed to find some index cards and a pencil to jot down the idea before it faded into nothingness. There were details there that I couldn't forget. As I jotted down one detail, it lead me to another, and another. These were elements that would tie-up loose ends, answer knawing questions within the plot, and bring the story a sense of completeness. And within this epiphany also came an alternate ending that would build the pace and momentum in the novel.

I can't give away too much since I haven't written it yet, but here's a taste of what came to me last night:
Belial knows Faith's potential & wants to bate her to use her power in a full-out explosive burst. This would set-off a chain reaction: causing the barriers between the two worlds to crack, melding elements of the two worlds, causing Enlita to crumble, and seeping Enlita's energy to earth creating mutations to all living things.

The index cards, with all the ideas, are now pinned to my writing board - reminders to weave the elements into the story in the appropriate places.

I love epiphanies, I just wish I had more control over them. This was a big moment.


Nicole Ducleroir said...

Congrats on your epiphany! I too am writer, and I had to smile as I read your post. I don't know why, but I often have (story) a-ha! moments in the shower!

Best of luck on the "Hidden Force 2" project!

JCF said...

Ah, showers... the great bringers of epiphanies.

It's a wonder that we as writers aren't in a perpetual state of wet hair and pruned fingers.

Michelle said...

Thanks Nicole & JCF...let's all hope for many more epiphanies to come.

Voracia: Goddess of Words said...

I've noticed too that when I force myself to write when I'm not in the mood to write, the writing session itself may not be very productive. But then, whatever I'm writing sticks in my brain, and soon after I finish writing, I have these "epiphany" moments like you describe. I too have had them in the shower right after writing (I try to write first thing, before I get ready for work. By the time the idea comes to me in the shower, it's too late to write any more, but I try to scribble my thoughts down in a notebook or dictate them to my phone on my way to work). It's interesting to see I'm not the only person this happens to!