Monday, January 11, 2010

Books to Watch for 2010

For those of you that just can't put enough books in your "to read" pile, like me, now is a great time to note the release dates of anticipated books for 2010, and add other notable reads to your list. So I've compliled a list of links to articles and lists for 2010.

Now if we can just find enough time to read them all, we'll be golden!

Most Anticipated: The Great 2010 Book Preview, By C. Max Magee on the website The Millions.

January books: DNA, drugs and Patti Smith, on the website Salon

Fantasy Books to Watch for 2010, on the blog The Mad Hatter's Bookshelf & Book Review

Urban Fantasy, Sci-Fi, & Steampunk to Watch for 2010, on the blog The Mad Hatter's

Bookshelf & Book Review

Six New Business Books For 2010, on the blog  by Andy McIlwain

10 Books to Watch for in January, from

2010 Best Books for Young Adults (Nominations), from the website GoodReads

A look ahead to what's new in 2010: "From cosmology to children's picture-books, our reviewers give a guide to the best of the publishers' lists for the first six months of the new year" from the website

Books to Watch for in 2010, on the website Conversational Reading


T. Anne said...

Thanks for the links, I've been averaging a book a day which is a miracle considering I have a life lol. I really am planning on reading a lot this year.

Michelle said...

Me too! So many books, and never enough time to get to them all.