Thursday, October 22, 2009

Off track - Obama was here!

So today's post is a bit off track, but I wanted to share what happened yesterday. It started out as a normal day at work (yes, my full-time job), but by mid-day we all knew it was going to be extra special. Cops starting piling out of vans, and lining the streets on watch. And then we found out what was happening...President Obama was scheduled to drive by on his way to a political rally to support Governor Corzine.

What a surprise!

It was about a two hour process in total, and we weren't sure if he was actually going to drive by us or if it was just a shut-down of all the streets for security purposes.

And around 5:20 by golly President Obama's motorcade drove within inches of me. I snapped a couple pictures, as you can see above, from my cell phone. How cool is that?! I never thought in my life that I would be so close to a president. It was definetly a thrill.

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