Thursday, October 01, 2009

Let's Appreciate The Act of Reading

As a writer and a mom, it has been a great process watching my 6 year old son learn to read. I think we all take for granite what an incredible leap that is for a youngster. For those of us that are surrounded by books on a daily basis, I think we tend to forget the effort it takes to get to the point of actually being able to enjoy the story in a book. When kids are learning to read, the majority of the effort is in remembering the sounds that each letter makes, and then stringing those letters together to make words, and words turning into sentences. At this stage it's often hard for them to enjoy the story, as most of the work is focussed on the reading of the words.

But I look forward to the day when I can see my son make the next big leap. I know that he will love the stories that books contain - he's a creative kid.


Jane Steen said...

I remember learning to read at the age of four. It was the most wonderful moment - at last the code was cracked, the adults' secret life revealed. OK, it was only "see Jane run" - Oh but it was MY name! - but it was glorious. I've been in love with words ever since.

Anonymous said...

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