Friday, October 16, 2009

Good News: Children's Sector Beats Market

I love to report good news, and particularly when it's about books & writing. I found this article on and it talks about the "Children's sector beats market".

Here's a piece of the article:
"The children's book market will benefit from strong growth in retail sales in 2009 and longer-term demand for digital books for children. Digital will grow as a result of the proliferation of devices such as the iPod Touch and games consoles, and the increasing availability of e-books on mobile phones.

These were the main findings of the Children's Conference, hosted last week by The Bookseller, and attended by more than 100 children's publishers, retailers and digital more".

How about that for a little silver lining in the dark cloud surrounding the industry!

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T. Anne said...

Perfect! I sure hope that includes YA!